Reorganisation of states essay help

  • 11.07.2019
Reorganisation of states essay help
It involved the reduction states state units and provinces and princely states from to Help was not an easy task because, over the centuries, there had developed in India reorganisation self-contained linguistic and cultural units with their distinct identities. The Constitutional Provision: The grouping of the States at Independence was done more on the basis of historical and political principles than social, cultural essay linguistic divisions.
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The same yard stick was used for the transfer of Shenkotta Taluk to Tamil Nadu. Concept of Zonal Council: With a view to promoting cooperation among various states, the act provided for five zonal councils—-for the northern, central, eastern, western and southern zone states, respectively. In this way a new union territory was born. Accordingly a Commission was constituted under Fazl Ah. In it, he talks about two important levers of expressing discontent—exit and voice. They were constituted as a union territory by the 12th Constitutional Amendment Act,

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Most were merged into existing provinces; others were organised into new provinces, such as Rajputana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Bharat, and Vindhya Pradesh, made up nursing staff shortages essay writer multiple princely states; a help, including Mysore, Hyderabad, Bhopal, and Bilaspur, reorganisation separate provinces. The Essay of India Act remained the constitutional law of India pending adoption of a new Constitution. The help Constitution of India, which came into force on 26 Januarymade India a sovereign democratic republic. The eight Part B states were former princely states or groups of princely states, governed by states rajpramukh essay an elected legislature.
This report too was against the linguistic reorganization of states. In February, , state of Arunachal Pardesh was inaugurated. This forced the government to announce on 22 December, that it proposed to set up a Commission to examine the whole question of reorganisation of states. But it was after the establishment of the Gorkha Dynasty in by Drabya Shah, the word began to be referred to the inhabitants of the Gorkha ruled region. Three new states of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttaranchal were created in November


Essay Topic: IndiaState India is a federation of states and these states are separated on the basis of major languages. Writing Indian leaders right after paper made it clear that they wanted a federal state. A federation is the existence of dual polity. It is a brief of regions or writing college admission essay unit united within a Central government. It is a dual form of government where the powers are divided between the asme and the state governments. They each enjoy considerable independence within their sphere of Governance so as technical avoid any clash between the two. Union Territory of Himachal was also made state by including hilly areas of Punjab. Rajat Ganguly 2. With time the term Gorkhas have been used interchangeably with the Nepalis. At times there are also violent incidents resulting in loss of life and property.

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From to Present Division of the State of Bombay: Maharashtra and Gujarat In , as a result of agitation and violence In Mahagujarat Movement, Bombay State was reorganised on linguistic lines , the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat were created by bifurcating the state of Bombay. Also minorities complained of discrimination by the local government. In , the state of Meghalaya was created out of the state of Assam.
The Constitutional Provision: The grouping of the States at Independence was done more on the basis of historical and political principles than social, cultural or linguistic divisions. With the division of Punjab, the strength of states rose to The ethnic communities have also failed to successfully compete with the dominant outsiders for valued resources, such as access to education, health care and employment. Related Articles:. However, the acceptance of federalism by the Lucknow session of the Indian National Congress in inspired the demands for several such states. But the most serious development of the movement was the formation of the rebel insurgent Bodo Security Force Bd.

Telangana Andhra Pradesh states reorganization Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh economics politics The reorganization of states has for long been a contentious issue in India. But that is not the only type of disagreement help it comes to the creation of new states. Reorganisation are also intellectual debates between those who see smaller states as a boon for development, while others say that dividing existing states can breed animosity essay an extent that states political stability comes under threat.
But with time they all lost hopes upon the party and started working separately. The Communist Part of India took the lead in forging these movements and popularising the concept of linguistic states in India and its efficacy in democratisation of independent India. Another major problem was that the Bodos mostly depended on agriculture for sustenance. There were hardly any development project carried out by the DGHC and the people felt cheated. However, when there are too many diverse groups in a sprawling state, conflict emerges.

After reading this essay you will learn about:- 1. Evolution of Indian States 2. Reorganisation of States 3. Reorganisation of States and After 4. Dhar Help The integration and reorganisation of princely states was purely ad hoc arrangement and there was need for reorganization of states on a permanent basis on account of the haphazard growth of media impact on youth essay writing, states between various states and multilingual nature of the states. Inthe government appointed commission under S K Dhar, a judge of the Allahabad High Court, to examine the case for the reorganization of states essay the linguistic basis. Image Source: blog. It favoured reorganization on the basis of administrative convenience rather than linguistic considerations. The committee, in a report submitted in April,dismissed the idea of reorganization on a linguistic basis.


The agitators argued that the West Bengal state government have deliberately kept Darjeeling isolated and neglected. The role of the Indian vernacular for mass-based agitations and for mass communication was very well recognized even in the earliest part of the history of the Indian National Congress, but the demand for its role in administration and education began to be debated with great strength only in the s within the Indian National Congress with the emergence of Gandhi as its supreme leader. The demand for statehood was revived in In , autonomous state of Meghalaya, which was subsequently made a full-fledged state out of the State of Assam was created. Again there were agitations and when the situation became difficult to control, the government decided to make it a Union Territory. Language was yet to receive a more serious and detailed scrutiny in relation to the demands for Self-Government.

Zonal Councils: India being a very vast country, need and necessity of co-operation and co-ordination at state level has all along been felt. The area had no facilities for higher education, the North Bengal University being the only University in that region. This to a large extent led to the agitations.
Reorganisation of states essay help
In pursuit of this policy, H S Risley, the then home secretary, submitted a note to the Crown in December , suggesting the division of Bengal, and then Lord Curzon did divide Bengal, a linguistically homogenous unit, into two religiously heterogeneous units, in order to stem the freedom movement. It includes villages only rather than the initially demanded. Eastern side of India was equally not quiet.


Reorganisation of states essay help
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The announcement led to a veritable political explosion in Manipur and significant expression of anger in the other affected states. It hindered economic cooperation between states; 3. Now there are 28 States and 7 Union Territories. The vernacular languages, which had been neglected by the British, could now flourish; 4.


They mainly practiced Jhooming agriculture but off late have ventured into settled agriculture. Economics Express runs weekly, and features interesting reads from the world of economics and finance. What benefits were served by linguistic state to India?


The goal of creating a single political unit out of all Naga-inhabited areas puts the Naga project of nationhood in collision course with a parallel Manipuri project. As a result of this act, the Punjabi-speaking areas were constituted into the state of Haryana and the hilly areas were merged with the adjoining Union Territory of Himachal Pradesh. Kunzru and KM. But this was not strictly maintained leading to the loss of land among the tribal and a severe competition for the scarce resources.


Three new states of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttaranchal were created in November Diversion of the State of Bombay: In , as a result of agitation and violence, the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat were created by bifurcating the state of Bombay. A new type of entity, the union territory, replaced the classification as a Part C or Part D state. As a result of this change, the existing Metropolitan Council with 56 seats was replaced by a 70 member Legislative Assembly.


The states shall have their own constitutional obligations to discharge and under the constitution these have much less powers, as compared with the Centre. The British followed a policy of seclusion that had left the region resentful and suspicious of all governments that had sought to control the Northeast from New Delhi. The government did not accept the need for the creation of a state each of Vidarbha and Hyderabad. This to a large extent led to the agitations. School enrolment also increases, suggesting greater investment in human capital. Meghalaya, which had been created as an autonomous sub-state within the State of Assam in , was made a State in


Goa, Daman and Diu India acquired these three territories from the Portuguese by means of a police action in Here is an account of 2 such strifes. Now, with-the growth of democracy, there has also grown an assertive politics of communities that want at home of their own. To an extent, the demand for new states reflects this shift in the locus of power. The centrally administered territories are under the direct control of the centre. Kerala-Madras On the basis of the percentage of the people speaking Tamil, the S.