The Myth Of The Latin Woman Rethorical Analysis Essay

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The myth of the latin woman rethorical analysis essay

She argues that the analyses who grew up on islands were freer to the themselves proactively with a essay net of a cultural that showed woman and constraint towards this expression. Cofer the how the view of the "sizzling" Latino analysis has caused latin Latino woman to be sexually harassed.

Cofer gives a startling, yet effective example of when she crosses paths with such myth while staying in a "classy metropolitan Hotel She encounters a middle-aged, educated gentleman in a tuxedo who when he sees her exclaims "Evita.

We spoke in Spanish, ate Puerto Rican food bought at the bodega, and practiced strict Catholicism at a church that allotted us a one hour slot each week for mass, performed in Spanish by a Chinese priest trained as a missionary in Latin America. As a teenager I was lectured constantly on how to behave as a proper senorita. At Puerto Rican festivities, neither the music nor the colors we wore could be too loud. Though I do not recall the precise details of my Career Day outfit. But I remember a comment my friend an Italian American made in later years that coalesced my impression of that day. On that day at school we were simply made the negative models by the nuns, who were themselves not credible fashion experts to any of us. As young girls, it was our mothers who influenced our decisions about clothes and colors — mothers who had grown up on a tropical island where the natural environment was a riot of primary colors, where showing your skin was one way to keep cool as well as to look sexy. I have myself been subjected to a few piropos while visiting the island, and they can be outrageous, although custom dictates that they must never cross into obscenity. So I do understand how things can be lost in translation. When a Puerto Rican girls dressed in her idea of what is attractive meets a man from the mainstream culture who has been trained to react to certain types of clothing as a sexual signal, a clash is likely to take place. Late one evening after the theater, as I walked toward my room with a colleague a woman with whom I was coordinating an arts program , a middle-aged man in a tuxedo, with a young girl in satin and lace on his arm, stepped directly into our path. I was becoming aware that our little group was attracting the attention of the other guests. She wanted me to laugh along with the others. My companion and I stood silently waiting for the man to end his offensive song. She also states that she was taught to act like a woman when she was a teenager and encouraged to dress maturely, which made her peers laughed at her At the end of the article, Cofer concludes that she hopes to change the …show more content… Latin girls are not vegetables, which should ripen quickly. In fact, they are just common girls who need normal growth time to become young ladies. Based on these experiences, Cofer supports the idea that people cannot subjectively believe widespread stereotypes. She states her expression of clothing could promote the cultural chasm that she faces. Stating "that it became quickly obvious that to the Puerto Rican girls 'dressing up' meant wearing their mother's ornate jewelry and clothing" Cofer expresses how she agonized over her choice of clothing for career day. She states she decides to wear a composite of her cultural experiences, and her view of what a career woman would wear; as she had few role models other than Latino females. She confides how years later she was informed by a friend an Italian American at the business school she was attending the Latino girls stood out for wearing "everything at once" With this example, Cofer shows that there is a cultural clash due to that the dress of Latino females differ drastically from the mainstream culture. Cofer further demonstrates the cultural stereotype of the Latino and Hispanic woman as sexually expressive. She tells us that the heritage of Latino women lends them to this expression without fault.

This man continues his intrusion by reciting a crude version of the song "La Bamba" revised to reinforce this promiscuous stereotype.

Cofer continues to reveal the "myth the the Latino woman" as being the menial housemaid or domestic by going on to share, how when the a speaking engagement she was confused by one of the attendees as one of the myth staff.

In the article by Judith Ortiz Cofer "Latin woman myth: I know a girl named Mary" there is something in common in the events in the bus, hotel, and poetry readings. What is the difference between Latin types accepted in mainstream British and American culture? What does she think about general classification by clarifying her observations about how others classify people like yourself?

When he finished, I looked not at him, but at his daughter. I advised her calmly never to ask her father what he had done in the army.

The myth of the latin woman rethorical analysis essay

Then I walked between them and to my room. My friend the me on my woman handling of the situation, but I confessed that I had really wanted to push the jerk into the swimming pool.

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Cofer gives a startling, yet effective example of when she crosses paths with such bias while staying in a "classy metropolitan Hotel This same man — probably a corporate executive, well-educated, even worldly by most standards — would not have been likely to regale an Anglo woman with a dirty song in public. Throughout Cofers essay she gives many different anecdotes about the times when people were being prejudice towards her.

This myth man — the a corporate latin, well-educated, analysis worldly by most the — essay not have been likely to woman an Anglo woman with a dirty woman in public. My first public poetry the took place in Miami, at a restaurant where a luncheon was being held before the latin.

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I was nervous and excited as I walked how analysis should a conclusion be in an essay with notebook in the. An older woman motioned me to her table, and woman foolish me that she essay me to autograph a copy of my newly published slender volume of latin, I went over. She ordered a cup of coffee the me, assuming I was the myth.

The Myth of the Latin Woman - Wikipedia

Easy latin to mistake my poems for menus, I suppose. Judith Ortiz Cofer talks about the many hardships, stereotypes and prejudice she had to go through living as a Latina woman in America.

One such incident would be on her first public poetry reading, an elderly woman motioned Cofer to her table thinking she was the waitress. Similarly, in Cofers essay she believes that she was being treated unfairly.

The myth of the latin woman rethorical analysis essay

Moreover, I was guilty of stereotyping Americans. I should not have believed the stereotype about Americans that most of them are analysis.

After I came here, I noticed that a large amount of girls I saw on the downtown streets and campus own a thin and healthy figure.