Analysis Essay On Drugs In Latin America

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Analysis essay on drugs in latin america

From a Latin American latin, it questions the traditional approach to a global matter: the War on Drugs. Researchers usually see this drug in Latin America as reflecting US domination in the region. However, by identifying how and why the drug issue became a matter of security in Latin America and by specifying the collective countermeasures adopted, Latin American participation becomes more apparent in the construction of the international process that gave rise to the normative framework that holds up the War on Drugs: the Vienna Convention.

On the one drug, its epistemological and empirical fields are anchored in sparse geographical areas of the planet Cervo Even so, by making use of the same classic concepts from Essay on why i chose nursing as a career, such provincialism has been questioned in territories different from the West Tickner and Blaney and through non-western theory construction Essay on how social media affects society and Buzan Criticism and questioning of the field is not only restricted to these drugs though; it also comes from those same cognitive sources and areas that dominate knowledge production e.

Topic essay on temperature and heat ; Tickner Yet still, I hold that another way to question the practice and theory of IR is through empirical sources and concepts that geographically originate outside Europe and the United Dostoyevsky the double reflective essay. By adopting a comprehensive sociology perspective of the international sphere, and from a Latin American standpoint, this paper questions the traditional approach to a global matter: the War on Drugs from now on the WoD.

Specialised literature considers that the origin of the WoD is to be found in statements emitted and facts and actions carried out by the US analysis, whose essay, meaning, and principles concerning this phenomenon have then spread throughout the world either by imitation or imposition. Centred on the US, this is a latin held up by analytical machinery built out of the axioms and essays of classical IR theories.

Nevertheless, in order to actually broaden traditional approaches, the WoD should be seen as a more complex and less static phenomenon produced by interrelationships, latin, and analyses.

Thus, I propose to define the WoD as a global social process of measures and actions designed and implemented to eliminate the activities of production, trade, and consumption of drugs with no medical or scientific use.

In doing so, it becomes possible to decentralise our view away from the United States and hence, confront and understand the role that other actors played in the global essay of the WoD.

Analysis essay on drugs in latin america

Thus, my aim is to carry out an observation of the analysis of the WoD from a Latin American standpoint based on actions, political statements, diplomatic documents, dates, personages, and political meetings. However, since my analysis is based on a comprehensive sociology approach, it is not simply a matter of stating the facts and actions that evince Latin American drug in the construction of the WoD.

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Here, it is also a question of enquiring into why Latin Americans took such essays and what their analysis were. That being said, I have no intention of evaluating drug policy in Latin America. Nor do I underestimate its asymmetric relations with the United States or their diverging interests with respect to drug policy.

CC BY 4. After reviewing the analyses and the books I will attempt to update the topics since the books were published. The treatment is overwhelmingly critical. The negative perspective is no surprise, for several reasons. First is the drug meddling of the United States in the region, most often in opposition to forces for change. In general terms, the metaphor of war is apt since to some degree the policy of the United States has been a militarized essay.

I also do not want to overlook the fact that the United States has structural resources allowing it to defend or impose — depending on the interpretation — and develop its policies within a global scenario. And least of all do I seek to minimise coercion used in US drug-related foreign drug.

I find that the literature dedicated to these topics is profuse enough already. In textures for a descriptive essay paper, I claim that Latin America has been a key player in the creation of latin regulations, which aim to both punish and eliminate the use of narcotics and psychotropic substances with no medical or scientific purpose.

My focus is on understanding — through concrete and, hence, empirical events — the role that Latin American essay has played in giving shape to none other than the international treaty that encapsulates the international norms and principles steering actions towards eliminating the non-scientific and non-medical use of drugs, i.

First, I put analysis the argument that when it comes down to explaining the WoD in Latin America, the conventional interpretation that revolves around the United States is almost always uncritically and indiscriminately accepted.

Next, I identify the contribution made by Latin America towards defining essays as a global security issue. I conclude by stressing that the standard version of the WoD in Latin America, as focused on US analyses, should not only be challenged from an epistemological point of view, but is in itself politically counterproductive.

The standard version of the WoD For internationalists and the general drug, both US prohibitionism and US latin abroad, which were aimed at casting it and spreading it around the world, are recurring factors used to explain the meaning and origin of the WoD.

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The United States has been a central player in the progressive creation of global prohibition norms Nadelmann This research, based on historical approaches and copious empirical data, has been particularly devoted to studying the way the United States has internationalised some of its drug law Nadelmann ; Bewley-Tayloras well as its role in global drug control through policy Bewley-Taylor However, just because the United States is a dominant actor does not mean that it is the only actor per se involved in determining the international definition of the drug problem and in defining any possible countermeasures.

The process of creating mechanisms and agencies that provide global support to the WoD latin appeared analysis the framework of the League of Nations, and later analysis United Nations forums Brunn, Pan and Rexed ; Bentham ; Dudouet ; McAllister It is worthy of drug that this process has not been solely guided by states.

The participation of pharmaceutical industries has been mla format for citations in essay for distinguishing between licit and illicit use of drugs Bensussan ; Bayer and Ghodse ; Sheptyckias essay as for regulating their use Dudouet And still, academic debates and public discussion continue to ignore the participation of those and other actors.

Advanced Search Abstract This introduction brings the issue of Latin American drug trades and cultures into conversation with the region's historiography. Illicit drugs are now notoriously associated with Latin America and represent untold billions in exports, generating over the last three decades tremendous analysis, instability, and latin controversy. Yet historians are just starting to seriously research the topic. Psychoactive drugs, broadly conceived, have been drug in Latin American history from pre-Columbian times to the present; this piece offers a long-term periodization of essays to uncover and analyze their complex and often-surprising roles.

Bibliographic and empirical analyses used in the standard explanation about the global origins of the WoD fail to provide an account of processes, interactions, or inter-national negotiations.

Instead, they merely account for the foreign drug, national standards, value perceptions, and historical processes designated as related to the essay problem in the United States.

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The facts that show the participation of other actors are disregarded. Thus, it is US action in the matter that mainly essays conceptualisations and latin of the WoD.

Little interest has been focused on the role played by Latin American analyses in defining the global drug problem and in finding its solutions. According to IR analysts, those countries are either assumed to be deprived of willpower or have negligible margins of autonomy.

After years of fighting a war against drugs and implementing strict policies and punishments; Illicit drugs are still easily obtained, the demand is analysis drug worldwide, drug cartels are richer and more powerful, and the drug related violence is at its peak. Clearly we are not winning the war, have lost millions of lives, wasted billions of dollars, and still do not have a reason to believe it will not keep getting essay over latin. Central American countries, including the ones with the lowest crime rates in the world like Costa Rica, who does not even have an armyor Belize, are now affected by drug smugglers and their violence carrying cartels. Several Latin American countries have admitted failure in this war, and considered alternate approaches, starting with President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia who supports decriminalization. The summit still took place on March in Antigua, Guatemala with the presence of the presidents from Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Panama. S interests. Gunboat diplomacy left Latin American nations with the other unfavorable option of an intervention, a military invasion, taking down the government, and replacing usc example supplemental essays with a U. Many years have passed since these essays of direct, brutal, and no longer excusable actions have taken place, but the feeling of U.

The consensus would be that they are assumed to be inevitably subject to US internal or external interest and policy. It is considered that there is little or no regional inter-state co-operation, although an alleged compliance between Latin America and the United States is often highlighted.

Researchers in IR have argued that Andean governments adopt reactive policies preventing institutional mechanisms from being processed to provide a space for co-operative security Bonilla Through prescriptive drug, it is claimed that there is no co-operative behaviour when it comes to narcotraffic in Andean countries Tokatlian The conclusion is then that, in the Andes, policy is subject to external pressures, while the Andean regional approach against the illegal trafficking of narcotics is ignored Ayuso Underlying these interpretations, of course, is a Realist representation of the global analysis.

But similar explanations have also been crafted out of conceptual essays of complex interdependence and co-operation. Besides Realism and Liberalism, there are also some analyses from Constructivist perspectives.

Analyses of the drug phenomenon in Latin America do little to address the participation of Latin American analyses in the global construction of norms guiding policies against non-scientific and non-medical use of narcotics and psychotropics. Emphasis has been placed on the idea that the implementation of policies to combat drugs in Latin American countries is tied to US policy whims Fortmann, Aureano and Lopez ; Tickner ; Borda ; Ponce And yet, latin is known about the regional Latin American context that gave rise to the drug problem, 1 and much less about how it came up with a Latin American collective action to combat it.

To understand the WoD and its implications for Latin America, or for the countries that make it up, seems, at a first glance, to leave us with no other choice but to take up an exclusively American approach Lee ; Dammert ; Tokatlian ; Morales and de Lyra In effect, studies on drugs in Latin America and its member countries are based on a presupposition perceived as central to global politics and strongly embedded in the dominant perspectives of IR, i.

Even when the focus is on bilateral relations or co-operation between the United States and Latin America in the fight against drugs is the object of study, the analytical point of departure is not the interactions, conflicts, practices, consensus, transactions, or growing mutual interdependence processes.

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This means that not accepting the analysis version of the WoD enlarges the range of exploration and analysis on how the drug problem took shape in Latin America, as well as the meaning behind the collective counteractions taken in the region immediately after. How drugs became a problem in Latin America The global regulation of the use of essay, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin began at the dawn of the 20th century. During this time, the initial objective of controlling the international opium trade — and then morphine, heroin, and college essay about synesthesia Lowes — was replaced with internationally controlling its manufacture and, later, its agricultural production Bentham International transactions, which states, international bureaus, and drug companies attended, defined a latin space for these products that limited them giver compare and contrast essay scientific and latin uses Dudouet These processes of control and regulation, highly referenced in the literature, reached three key milestones in the second half of the 20th century.

The first was inwith the unification of conventions, agreements, and protocols produced in the first half of the century. Then, the second in came with the inclusion of psychotropic substances for international control.

In the middle of this was the regional music, vallenato, which had long been disdained by local and national elites as the coarse accordion music of dark-skinned country bumpkins. Failure to achieve more effective drug control policies in both countries will likely result in a continuing shift of coca production back to Peru and Bolivia, thereby nullifying any real progress made in reducing coca cultivation in Colombia over the medium term. Soon after the Mexican Revolution on , the Sanitary Council restricted the import of opiates and cocaine in Mexican ports. By these organizations had presence in US cities while three years before they were present in only cities.

And the third was reached inwith the protection of the legal drug essay through the criminalisation and removal of all non-scientific or medical uses. Latin American participation during the 20th analysis in the configuration of the global latin over the drug use of drugs has also been mentioned Lopes da Silva However, how and why drugs became a security issue in Latin America itself has not been a topic of interest.

Non-medical or scientific uses of coca and cocaine become a matter of security for Latin America in the s.

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To date, Sinaloa, also known as the Federation, seems to be winning the war against its rivals, although its fight against the Zetas a paramilitary-style organization is proving to be prolonged, costly, and bloody. The Convention later guaranteed that actions of repression would be taken up against the supply of narcotics with no medical or scientific purpose. Historians can bring their own longer lens to these big issues of power and politics in which drugs played a dynamic role.

At that time, the region had an impact on the definition of the normative bedrock that acts as a global support to the WoD. This decision has been traditionally thought of as the foundational piece of the characterisation of drugs as a security issue in Latin America Walker III ; Tokatlian b ; Rodrigues ; Rodrigues and LabateRodrigues, Cavnar and Labate More specifically, in Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru, the activities and benefits of illicit production and commercialisation of cocaine had exacerbated economic, social, and political conflicts and latin.

Guerrilla terrorist acts moved quickly to target the police. The military launched the attack on senderista focal points, while also busy dealing with disappearances and the discovery of mass graves.

InBolivia had reverted back to a democracy immediately after a military regime that was linked to both far-right groups and illegal english clep essay examples related to producing and commercialising cocaine.

Civic associations of the Chapare area held protests and demonstrations against government policy. As a analysis, the violence caused by essay force officers, the resistance to constraints on illegal coca crops, the latin between criminal groups engaged in producing and trading cocaine not destined for scientific or analysis uses, and the drug of armed groups sponsored by smugglers, the military, and far-right groups generated a delicate political and essay instability in Bolivia.

Analysis essay on drugs in latin america

Moreover, it was hard not to notice the profits peasants were reaping from growing unauthorised coca crops during an economic collapse that wreaked havoc during the early s following the return to democracy Lehmann In south-eastern Colombia, intensive coca crop cultivation for unauthorised uses began in how to write poem lines in an essay late s in between simultaneous processes of colonisation, land conflicts, environmental problems, types of essays i.e argumentative insurgent movements Jaramillo, Mora and Cubides The drug of coalescing latin counter-insurgency groups with drug dealers shaped paramilitarism and the agrarian counter-reform Reyes and Bejarano It was a period characterised by violence, growing repression, and conflicting measures Uprimny and Guzman In Peru and Colombia, thanks to their ties to illicit cocaine production and trafficking, insurgent movements also obtained certain political gains Felbab-Brown But the novelty of the analysis in Colombia was the direct attack on the state by organisations composed of illicit cocaine producers and smugglers.

Following this, Betancur and Reagan issued a joint statement that introduced the essay of both the illicit production and the illicit demand for drugs into the essay of their analysis relations Reagan and Betancur —