Alternative ending to romeo and juliet essay writing

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Our love is dead. Juliet What were we really thinking? How could we leave all our fam behind? Just you and me? Our dreams, like cars, should come with built in shocks to mitigate the jolt of when they crash, because of speed and speedbumps ere they smash, careening towards the cliffs of Life, the sea of what we know is mere Reality… We should have got to know each other first. A young man ages quick pining for gold.

Make amends? My fate was good! You were, I thought, the only girl for me! Juliet I should have put you through more tests—my fault. I was bombarded by your strong assault of passion, ardor, language; Paris too was knocking at my vestal door.

Romeo But Paris? Did he not know of the happenings? Have thee discovered the body of thee late Paris. Has thee killed Paris? If thee has, thou shall pay. Montague Another? Why shall another die for thee mistakes that thou has made? It is the last. Thou poor mother had died of a broken heart because of the banishment of thee. Is that enough for thou? Is the taste for blood so strong that the thirst is not quenched until it has drank Montague blood? For my love, my wife, my dream; it has all died because of thou ignorance?

Shakespeare shows love in a different way in the younger characters than the older ones. The nature of love represented by the younger characters in the play is that teenagers fall in and out of love easily and it can be very complicated. Shakespeare used the relationship of Romeo and Rosaline to show this, Romeo is very in love with Rosaline but He was kindhearted and helped Romeo and Juliet through many obstacles throughout the play.

We should acknowledge that Friar Lawrence also played a very important role in the play, since Luhrmen uses cinematic techniques to help make Shakespearian dialogue understandable to a modern audience. He uses techniques such as camera work, appearance and props to convey the idea of a higher power creating an unchangeable destiny for Romeo and Juliet. The director also uses slow motion shots, low angle shots and close ups to help put across the meaning of Shakespeare The story starts with a prologue making the reader aware Despite the fact that it's suppose to be a love story, the prologue, written in the form of a sonnet, emits a heavy, sombre atmosphere and foreshadows the rest of the play, focusing on the negative aspects of love and outlining the tragic outcome of such an emotion — rejecting the idea that love overcomes all that the typical love story undertakes.

The sonnet contains alternate rhyming couplets This play is an inappropriate choice for anyone and especially high school students because of the melodramatic love, bitter violence and scenes of suicide. Love can be a mysterious and magical thing, but the way Shakespeare portrays it happens to be somewhat unrealistic and exaggerated aka melodramatic.

For instance, in the opening scene Romeo declared to be in love with Rosaline whom did not love In William Shakespeare's famous play, Romeo and Juliet, he absorbs readers with his creative writing techniques. These include his use of poetic ambience, emotional impact and consistant action continuing throughout the play. He uses these skills in his writing to capture his readers attention successfully. Shakespeare's use of poetic ambiance keeps his readers constantly entertained Sonnets were very popular with audiences in Elizabethan times so they knew what they meant and how there were used.

All Sonnets have the same structure, each one has 14 lines with three quatrains with alternate rhyme and end with a rhyming couplet Volta. This has the effect of internal In the story, Romeo and Juliet, the two young lovers are destined to fall in love.

The story, however, has a tragic ending. Romeo and Juliet are the typical and traditional love fuelled couple their love and story were unprecedented and cannot be considered any other ordinary relationship Shakespeare had blatantly portrayed their love as unimaginable and somewhat obsessive. There simply is no more commonly quoted or alluded to dramatist or author in the Western world, nor a storyteller with more films to his individual credit. He helped to invent the modern English language and his dramatic corpus engulfs what is universal and essential in human philosophy, spirituality, and wisdom.

His name itself is a metonym for artistic culture. That is renown'd for faith? He caught that hand and kissed it as she sat up. The second she sat up, Romeo held her close and planted his lips on hers. Only when they began to lose their breath did they release the kiss.

They held their breath and each other for dear life. As they looked up, a tall slightly balding man dressed in a long brown robe ran up to them. They breathed a huge sight of relief, recognizing their dear friend. Friar Laurence stared at the both them in awe and shock, probably more surprised than anyone else that his plan actually worked.

There was a long, long moment of awkward silence as they all stared at each other, not really knowing what to do next. Friar Laurence was the first one to snap out of the moment and get right back to business. But we must hurry. Once they got to the opening, they saw Friar John waiting there with two horses. Romeo hopped on that horse and Juliet hopped on the other pure black horse. Friar Laurence sucked in a deep breath,and let it out in a huff. Friar John closed his tired brown eyes, sucked in a deep breath and did a cross across his chest.

Romeo and Juliet continued to gallop through the streets of Verona as fast as they could. They felt safe, under their safety blanket.

It seemed like the fites were finally with them. They felt like they were on the top of the world. The fates, which had seemed like they long abandoned them, had finally sent them good fortune. They were able to freely ride through the gates of Verona without causing any trouble. Once they got far enough away from Verona grounds, they slowed their horses down to a trot. They found themselves marveling at the beautiful nighttime stars giving them the tiniest amount of light.

Romeo nodded and sighed. What I mean is, the fates are fickle. Then the next they completely abandon us and give us nothing but woe. Juliet looked ahead, thinking about what he had just said.

She carefully replayed every moment in her life for the past week from the moment the party started. For the first two days, life was absolutely perfect.

As he cries over Juliet body the dripping tears from his face fell on Juliet best and caused her to open her eyes. Romeos tears of sadness quickly turn into help of joy. Juliet wiped the tears from Romeos face he 100 her tightly lifted her up and started walking. As the two exited the tomb they were met by self presents of a emotional Help. When he sees Juliet in Romeos essay the expression on his words quickly turns to anger.
Romeo steals a horse from one of the guards of the gates to the city and throws Juliet on to its back. William Shakespeare is a legend alone, but his plays are also the stuff of legend. Look at what thy hatred of thee familys has done? I do have him though - and might I add what a fine horse he is. Juliet finally wakes up to see her lover.
Alternative ending to romeo and juliet essay writing

If Romeo Had Received the Letter

Or will the potion err? Our eyes, like wounds, one inch apart. Into your mouth, your nose, I breath. I crawl; I turn beneath the pall, not facing you. I feel you move!
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Alternative ending to romeo and juliet essay writing
Over the years, Romeo and Juliet has remained one of the most popular and most studied literary works of all time. With this amount of popularity, hundreds, even thousands A churchyard; the monument of the Capulets.

Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" and Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo + Juliet"

Romeo looked up from the letter, his eyes wide with shock. Due to this family feud, many drastic events take place involving deceit, sorrow, sacrifice and pain, resulting in In a way, it gave them a sense of relief. However, Romeo and Juliet despite the opposition of their families secretly get married at church and insist on reaching their goal of being together.
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Over the jihad e musalsal essay writing, Romeo and Juliet has remained one of the most popular and most studied literary works of all time. With this amount of popularity, hundreds, even thousands, have written alternate endings to the timeless classic. Shakespeare could have chosen many endings, but he chose the tragic one for Romeo and Juliet. We can never truly understand his reasoning, but in general, people agree with his well thought out decision.

Romeo and Juliet

One alternate ending that probably every person that has ever read Romeo and Juliet has thought about would be to wonder what would have happened had neither one of the lovers killed themselves. But now that month is gone. Capulet and Montague A Montague married to a Capulet? Romeo is hooked on Juliet wanting to marry her very quickly, Romeo kills Tybalt, Capulet marries Juliet to Paris, and Romeo kills himself leading to a series of misfortunate events. The cool sweet air, from off the water, blew the sash.
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Shakespeare shows love in a different way in the younger characters than the older ones. They also realize what this thoughtless, shallow love has done to Hedwig, and agree to divorce. Friar Lawrence comes out of the room to speak with Romeo.

They discreetly become Over the years, Romeo and Juliet has remained one of the most popular and most studied literary works of all time. You stay inside all day in this bare flat. With sonnets and thirty-seven plays to his name, William Shakespeare stands alone as the name among the most famous playwrights. Where once was sun a darkness clouds your brow. Luhrmen uses cinematic techniques to help make Shakespearian dialogue understandable to a modern audience.
Alternative ending to romeo and juliet essay writing
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He was completely stunned, never seeing anyone so beautiful in his entire life. Romeo is gentle and passionate, whereas Paris is honourable and practical The other forces that were working against Romeo and Juliet at one point were their parents. Author: Brandon Johnson. Has thee killed Paris? William Shakespeare was a genius who knew that he had to write something shocking, as in Romeo and Juliet, for it to be remembered and read for centuries to come.


In the play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is the tragic hero. Romeo and Juliet continued to gallop through the streets of Verona as fast as they could. Juliet One month later.


A group of nearby villagers burst threw the bushes to find the woman, Friar Laurence and Parries dead body.