Current events to write an essay about helping

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Prepare to write the summary by reading the entire article. Make sure that you understand what the article says since you need to write a summary of the news story. Try to recount the article after reading it in order to figure out the main idea of the article.

Read the article again to ensure that you did not miss any important point. Ask yourself and your classmates, what can people our age do to effect change around this issue? Games and Quizzes Map from a Fantasy Geopolitics game. Credit The answers provide an explanation along with links to relevant Times articles so students can learn more.

Then, in December, students can take our annual year-end news quiz, like this one from Play Fantasy Geopolitics: Have students draft teams of countries, similar to how they might draft players in a fantasy sports league, and then accumulate points based on how often those countries appear in The New York Times. Classrooms can track point scores and trade countries using the resources on the Fantasy Geopolitics site, a game created by Eric Nelson, a social studies teacher in Minnesota.

Mix and Match Headlines, Stories and Photos: Cut up articles, headlines and photos into three separate piles and mix them up, then challenge students in groups to see who can correctly match them in the shortest amount of time. Our teacher instructions provide more details. What do you see that makes you say that? What more can you find? Alternatively, you might prefer to select your own news photos. You can use the Visual Thinking Strategies facilitation method to ask open-ended questions, letting students make meaning out of the cartoons.

How do these images make an argument? Students can also try their hand at drawing their own editorial cartoons , and then enter them into our annual editorial cartoon contest. Decipher an Infographic: Take an infographic or chart in The Times and have students explain what it shows using sentences. Create an Infographic: Or, do the opposite, and have students take the data provided in a Times article to create their own graph or chart PDF.

Should homosexual relationships or marriages be encouraged in India? Should the Government of India ban children for working in serials or performing in reality shows? Should teachers be allowed to interact with their children through social networking sites or should there be professionalism maintained? Which celebrity does the best job of seeming to be authentic? Is there a celebrity who seems to be as nice as they appear? How can fans know? How have shows like "Project Runway" influenced fashion?

Have they motivated people to become more creative and personal in what they wear? In what way does the attention of the media on religious figures like The Pope affect the way they behave?

Are the recent Christian movies helping win the culture wars? Why are cooking shows like "Chopped" popular? What is the best recent film adapted from a novel? What are the best movies of the current year? Do the Academy Awards winners reflect the very best movies? Is recap culture hurting television? Recently, scripts from pro-wrestling have been released showing that the storyline is written even though the wrestling is improved.

Analyze how pro-wrestling is similar to other forms of live or taped entertainment. Which current actors from Bollywood or other film industry outside of the U. Does getting involved in a scandal hurt or help a celebrities career?

Does being on American Idol, The Voice or other singing contest really help an artist's career? Do winners do better than other contestants? Pick one of the current Reality T. How "Real" are these shows? What is done for entertainment value more than for depicting real life? Do these shows hurt or help the people on them?

Technology What current ideas are scientists researching to eliminate the problem of malaria? How is light being used to treat cancer and other diseases? Can 3-D printing be used for creating artificial hips and knees for joint replacement? How can looking at how the human brain functions help scientists create a better computer? Scientists have been observing the evolution of a stick insect in California into two different species.

What is the best current scientific evidence supporting and explaining the process of the evolution of species? Experts are warning that the deep ocean is being damaged by fishing, mining, and industry.

What is the damage being done? Why is this important? Are the new techniques for mining natural gas going to be better or worse for the environment? What is the danger of fracking? Know How to Introduce Your Topic Think about the event and what you feel people should know about it. From this information you should have an idea of how to introduce it to the reader. It is likely you want to make a good strong impact before presenting further evidence and details about your topic.

If you were being presented something similar to read, how would you want it written in a way that would grab your attention? Once you have come up with some details you want to include in the introduction, start putting the pieces together to see what you come up with.

Your thesis statement may be in the introduction.

Current events to write an essay about helping

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How has the high incarceration rate in the United States affected the economy? Other Information to Consider Current events can be challenging to write about when you have limited or sufficient data. Need an essay or paper? Is the EU going to survive the current economic problems countries have been having? Below are steps to help you create a current events essay: Choose a reputable news source.
Current events to write an essay about helping
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Virginia has been a university English instructor for over 20 years. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier. Media How are smart phones changing U. Source Politics How is the Trump presidency changing international relationships?
Current events to write an essay about helping
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Building Skills Some ideas work best about regular routines, others as strategies for solving math problems activities. Many might be easier to use together current the new K New York Times school subscriptionessay all of them could be implemented using the free links to Times articles on The Learning Network — or with any other trusted news write. Credit Joshua Schweigert 1. Just read and discover what you care about. Every helping we try to promote this with our Summer Reading Contestand we hope teachers are continuing this student-centered events now that school has started.
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World Events Is China going to overtake the U. What is the difference between sports and entertainment? Or, suggest ways that you and others your age can take action on an issue you care about. Source Are E-Cigarettes less harmful than smoking?

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Then they can work together to draft a policy proposal, perhaps one that suggests a local solution to the problem, and present it to the class or to the school board or city council. Creative Writing and Design Photo Of all the news of , the most-written about for our rap contest was the death of Nelson Mandela. What is the current genetic and fossil evidence that chickens, dogs, and other domestic animals were much different even a few hundred years ago? Are the new techniques for mining natural gas going to be better or worse for the environment?
Current events to write an essay about helping
Why is this important? Does it result in fewer smokers in that city? How can the International Community prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons?

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Current events to write an essay about helping
Hold a Debate: Want your students to be able to develop arguments and support a point of view on current issues? Is it worth it for a city to invest in building a bigger and better stadium for their professional sports team? Analyze how pro-wrestling is similar to other forms of live or taped entertainment.

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The reader probably knows about this event, but it is always better to say a little bit more. Thus, you will sound more reliable and attractive. This passage should not exceed five or six sentences, unless you plan to write a long essay five pages or more.
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Current events to write an essay about helping
Which current actors from Bollywood or other film industry outside of the U. How have shows like "Project Runway" influenced fashion? Media How are smart phones changing U. Do these shows hurt or help the people on them? What is the difference between sports and entertainment?
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Choosing a debate topic for an intra-school or inter-school debate needs oneself to be updated with the latest events so that school students can be encouraged to state their opinion regarding a matter.