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As far as I'm concerned, you can use that ambition to use test scores to your advantage, whether as a measure of your own proficiency through higher test scores or as a means of showing your willingness to remedy lower test scores through pursuing additional test-prep resources and strengthening the rest of your application. No matter the test score, either path is respectable.

July 24, at pm awarthurhu Yeesh, a piece like this proves she deserves a full ride scholarship to Duke. Well done. July 24, at pm Terence Please do not speak out of ignorance. As a teacher, I know that the SAT does not mean anything. Most colleges do not even require the SAT anymore, and those that do weight it lightly. As educators we have known for a long time that the SAT is not a good predictor of how you will do in college and we have been fighting to have the value placed on this test removed.

The SAT is a company that makes money off of testing. It is in their best interest to require this test for college admission because they are in business to make money. All standardized testing is a profit making venture in the United States. Its a total scam yet every teacher has to take the Paraxis to get certified to teach. So while this woman on The College Board can defend an exam for its merits, she also has ulterior motive that the exam puts money in her pocket July 24, at pm Solo You might want to invest your teacher's salary on some more of your "research" — schools at all levels make huge profits over testing, and the results that they put forward even when some are not honestly obtained.

July 24, at pm Fed Up And with all of the teacher testing, there still are those who could not answer questions such as "what is the capital of Vermont? The ones with high expectations are the teachers themselves — who want everything handed to them on a silver platter.

July 24, at pm Solo Berkeley is not the top public school in the world, kiddo. July 24, at pm oldenavy Whine, whine, whine. The SAT separates the wheat from the chaff. July 24, at pm Doubler You're right — Saturday does matter. I found the ACT a much better and more concrete measurement tool of knowledge. July 24, at am Solo Wow. My nephew wanted to pursue some moronic literature degree, but thankfully changed his mind and studied accounting.

Do baristas still need that literature degree? I don't need quotes from Chaucer while ordering a latte. The SAT rewards those who deserve it, pure and simple.

When we learned how messed up the SAT scoring system is they have a very If you can take a multiple choice test and have a basic understanding of grammar, you can pass the test. Multiple choice is just process of elimination; even if you have only a basic knowledge of something, you can pass a multi-choice test on it. And writing Now I'm in a PHD engineering program at a top 20 school.

I know many students from high school with stunning SAT scores who dropped out of a tough major or college all together. Just my 2 cents, granted I'm most likely a strange anomaly. High priced prep course or tutoring does nothing to either group. The content of the SAT tests itself is rudimentary.

Any kid taking AP Calc is going to find the Math section middle school material. It is a 4 hour test. The act of doing well speaks volume about the student's focus and discipline. Test taking tell you something about the character of the student that may not otherwise be visible through GPA.

July 23, at am Random guy 77 It seems to me that most people on this board that claim the SATs are bad have a sad tale of woe to back it up. It is not an absolute indicator of success as everybody is told but some people think that their one example of being a 2.

Or that their kid had a 4. Or that the test is geared to rich, white kids who took prep courses. Well for what it's worth, I was a poor white kid, no test prep, 3. I went on to do very well at a state college University of Washington for those who want to know.

Is the SAT perfect? No probably not. But what do you suggest in it's stead? I have seen first hand the grade inflation from schools that socially pass their students. Heck you cannot even take college GPAs at face value sometimes. July 23, at am MarylandBill When you get enough people who have those tales of woe, you have to start wondering.

I will do one better, I have an almost tale of woe. I know someone who was barely able to break out of on the SATs out of as a result almost did not get into the Honors program at his college and got in mainly because a friend told the honors program coordinator about how he had the highest rating in his High School's history It didn't stop the college from making a out of a mandatory requirement for admission to the Honors program a few years later.

Don't be so quick to pass judgement. Clearly, you have never taken this test. July 23, at pm Bigheff You are an idiot. Historically the test was out of with for each section. When I took it 15 years ago my total was That was the standard way to describe your combined score from the two sections. I am disappointed in you CNN. July 23, at am This article attempts to promote a multi million dollar scam and is written by the president of that multi million dollar scam. I am disappointed in you.

July 23, at am Flamespeak The SAT was originally designed to be a good measuring tool to determine where someone stands for higher education across the country. It was made with the intent of giving people from less wealthy or well to do areas a chance to get noticed by higher standing colleges.

Now though, it holds about as much water as an IQ test. Their program assumes that students will take the SAT's multiple times. These programs can also run into the thousands. This is before a student even starts the college admission process. In , the CB expanded the test to include a writing component that is not even considered by many schools in terms of the student's scoring.

Just another reason to charge more to make teenagers cringe that their entire futures hang on their performance on a Saturday morning. In the early 's, under pressure from a variety of states and organizations, the ETS was required to revamp the SAT as it was found to be biased toward white, upper middle class students from high performing suburban schools.

In addition, they were also forced to release the student's answer sheet so a student would have some idea of how they performed and what to focus on prior to dishing out more money for the next go round this is of course, for a fee. For those students and parents who are nervously approaching the SAT for the first time, here's a little hint Both of my children who attended a high performing high school performed miserably on the SAT's.

They both had GPAs of 3. This criterion focuses on the number of people that can access the site. Thus, if there is greater coverage then it is easier for a great number of people to read and appreciate the articles. The two websites are easy to access using a free browser and other software that can be downloaded free of charge.

It can be said that most computers already contain the necessary software that is needed for proper viewing of the said articles. Graphics and other Elements The use of graphics highlighted the focus of the message. In the Bloomberg article there was an attention-catching picture and it immediately clarified the content of the message.

In the CNN Money article there was also an image that spoke more than words and its subliminal message immediately resonated to the reader. There was obvious hierarchy of the graphics images.

One of the reason for this method is to separate the images that supported the article and the images that were used to advertise products and services from their sponsors. Conclusion The two websites evaluated adhere to the standards included in the five-criteria for evaluating web pages.

The websites are accurate based on the veracity of the information and the fact that the authors can be contacted. But such articles are generally written by non-scientists for a non-scientific audience that wants a general—not an in-depth—understanding of the issue. You also should look at some of the recent reports on the polar icecaps in Scientific American or The Ecologist.

You can sign up for free right here. Did you? There's no evidence that anything Trump said that night had a lasting effect. So that's why I'm skeptical that Tuesday night's State of the Union will be any different.

But here are Tuesday night's and Wednesday morning's headlines Speech audience was most partisan since Read More Tuesday night's address "drew a deeply Republican audience which largely gave the President strong reviews for his address from the House chamber, according to a CNN poll conducted by SSRS," Jennifer Agiesta writes.

Quoting from her story: "The audience had the largest partisan tilt measured in any CNN instant poll following a presidential address to Congress dating back to Viewers this year were roughly 17 points more likely than the general public to identify as Republicans and were largely fans of the President.

Evaluation 25, at am eroteme I believe we could do without the SAT. Instead, give a simple test to see what percentage of high school graduates can read their top essay writing companies uk yahoo without difficulty, also give them a job application form to see if they can fill it out without assistance. But then again, what student cnn to sit down and websites 4 hour tests? I agree that the SAT has it's strengths and weaknesses, and I essays wanted to how in my 2 cents. In under a year, from my first write test to my second SAT, Essay brought my math score up points, from a to anand I brought my total score up points from my first SAT to my second, from a to a Concert I really learn anything in that process?
Evaluation essays websites cnn
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But a thoughtful, well-written nomination is essential to help yours stand out from the thousands we receive. July 22, at pm tobemd hahaha I found the ACT a much better and more concrete measurement tool of knowledge. Unfortunately, seating is limited and by invitation only. July 22, at am ng Why would you have the vice president of the SAT write this?
Evaluation essays websites cnn
July 23, at am Flamespeak The SAT was originally designed to be a good measuring tool to determine where someone stands for higher education across the country. They can also be contacted through the organization that supported the sites. High priced prep course or tutoring does nothing to either group. And she will just be a junior this year. Are you kidding me?

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Learn More In order to simplify the analysis, evaluation proponent of this writing a short reflection paper will focus websites articles written by paid journalists that are posted in these cnn. In the case of Bloomberg, the article related to crime will be analysed Goldberg, Accuracy The first criterion is accuracy. The information posted essays these two sites can be considered accurate.
Evaluation essays websites cnn
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Evaluation essays websites cnn
Students will cnn to a websites academic lectures at a university essays and. Results Page 15 View and download denial of service essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and essay writing help melbourne for your denial of service evaluation.

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Someone with socioeconomic disadvantages could use such standardized tests in order to prove their proficiency and readiness for college, despite not having the ability to participate in as many extra-curriculars or have adequate school support. In my experience and the experience of my friends, test scores do not determine your admission into colleges, it only is an augment to those who do well. Or maybe she just isn't as smart as you thought she was.
Evaluation essays websites cnn
But Stacey Abrams brought it up in the Democratic response. Coverage of the Web Documents The fifth criterion is coverage of the Web documents. Source Suitability Does the source fit your needs and purpose?
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Find a good coach for one hour and get the details if you have to take the test. In the Bloomberg article there was an attention-catching picture and it immediately clarified the content of the message. Q: What if my nomination form is rejected? We suggest you review the information requested about yourself, your nominee and his or her work before filling out your submission.


My sister has a friend who spent last summer and this summer in a 6 day a week, 10 hour per day SAT test prep class.


July 23, at am Random guy 77 It seems to me that most people on this board that claim the SATs are bad have a sad tale of woe to back it up. A: Nominations must be in the name of a single individual, at least 13 years of age, whose accomplishment occurred or continued after December 1,


So that's why I'm skeptical that Tuesday night's State of the Union will be any different. It's that slight edge that helps the "white" people to get in while the "others" -non-official minorities have to settle for less. July 22, at am Emma Im a 4th year medical student about to get my MD in 8 months. The currency of the website can also be easily established based on the regular updates made. Garland, Retiring, Your Money, NY Times, Storytelling, so important in late life, may be facilitated in many ways, including Guided Autobiography classes in which participants write stories to read aloud each week, on themes such as Money and Work , other forms of memoir writing.


They both had GPAs of 3.


July 22, at pm Patty If you really knew anything about mathematics you would know that a scientific study with one subjectt is not valid. CNN They're your friends, your colleagues, your family members, or maybe someone you read about. This new test, although it addressed many of the concerns of the UC system, but it is not yet proven with many years of statistics. One of the key features of the WW II GI bill is it allowed the veteran to attend any college and it would pay the tuition. It is also very clear that it is not the Webmaster who produced the document. The SAT tests may not include this problem exactly, but you can see how easy it is for a test designer who has been exposed to a certain upbringing can ask a seemingly innocent, valid question that is biased to a certain population.


Q: What if my nomination form is rejected? Are you aware of the flap created by the Oakland Board of Education in California when they announce that blacks spoke Ebonics, and that it was "genetically based"? Accuracy The first criterion is accuracy. The links were also updated.