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On the same day in the other accident, a pickup a van carrying employees of a private company executing a hydropower project fell into a gorge near Bharmour, 65 km from Chamba, killing nine people on the spot. Given below are some notes of a newspaper reporter. On the third day of his hunger strike i. Hunger strikes invoke the memory of those undertaken by Mahatma Gandhi.

They are popular political tactics in India and are frequent features of public life. However, this most recent campaign against corruption has mobilised millions of Indians. Tens of thousands also joined the protests, ranging from hunger strikes to candlelit vigils in cities all over the country including Mumbai, Lucknow and Jaipur. A number of Bollywood stars have also come out in support of Hazare, a former soldier and veteran social activist. You are school correspondent Mr Jagdish Valecha.

The school patron Sh. Sudarshanji Maharaj was the chief guest of the function. He was garlanded and introduced to the members of the staff by the Principal. A guard of honour was given to the chief guest by the N. He was escorted to the hall by the Principal. He received a standing ovation by all the students gathered there. The Principal read out the annual report highlighting the achievements of the school in academics and sports. The chief guest gave away the prizes to the meritorious students and distinguished sportsmen.

Group songs and folk songs presented by the students kept everyone spellbound. He gave a short but inspiring speech urging the students to work hard and rise high in life. The Principal thanked the Chief Minister for his visit. The function ended with the singing of the national anthem. Write the report in about words. Class XI children served as volunteers. Various duties were assigned to them like informing and motivating the parents, collecting the children age wise, and helping the doctors in distributing medicines and health supplements.

Many children were found to be suffering from anaemia and malnutrition. A large number had liver disorders and worm infestation. Mothers were taught the importance of balanced diet and shown how to manage a fairly balanced diet even in a limited budget. Availability of clean water was one limitation every family suffered from.

Deworming tablets were handed out. Some serious cases were even referred for further examination in the nearby health clinic. A list of handicapped children was made so that special aids provided by the organisation could be properly handed out.

Over all it was an eye opening experience for us to see how so many children suffer from ill-health. One of the participants returns and writes a report about his experience for the school magazine.

Singh Babu Stadium to spread the message of wildlife protection. Our school had also sent a group of 10 children. All children had been asked to assemble in the stadium grounds by 8. Children were also given animal masks and caps. The race began at 8. After the race, cool lemonades and snacks were served and films on Wildlife Protection were shown. Through them the children learnt about the important role animals played in maintaining ecological balance and harmony in nature.

The role zoos played in conserving wildlife was also highlighted. The huge turnout of the children and their eager enthusiasm showed that it was a great success.

She writes a report to be published in the school magazine. Write her report. The age limit was from 7 yrs to 17 yrs. There was no training fee and registration was open only on one day from 9 a. Since there were only limited seats available registration was done on first come first served basis.

Interested children had to come along with a consent letter from their parents. Our school has sent two children and they were both lucky to get admission. As you can understand I was one of them. The children were divided into 2 groups according to their ages. First group was of children from 7 yrs to 11 yrs, second was of children from 12 yrs to 17 yrs. The younger children were taught the basics of only acting. Older children were taught many more aspects of drama like creating the script of a play from a story, innovating dialogues from imagination, basics of direction, stage management, effective use of props etc.

In the last week children were divided into different groups, each was assigned a separate play which had to be put up. Parents were invited and the results were there for all to see. The headline of this report is short and is not a complete sentence. The name of the reporter is followed by date, place and time of the incident. The entire report is broken down into many paragraphs.

In the first paragraph, the entire incident is reported in a gist form. The subsequent two paragraphs mention the other details related to the incident. The final paragraph contains the inconsequential details. The whole report is factual. The entire report is in the third person and in the passive voice. It was also the 30th anniversary of National Museum of Natural History. The song presentation prepared under the able guidance of Bhupinder Kaur, Inderjeet Kaur and S Amritpal Singh forced the audience to introspect.

The report tells what, when, where, how description and why was the event organised. Finally, the report has the name of the writer or reporter. The survey was done to report on the oral hygiene of school students in India. The survey was held for a period of six months, viz January to June this year in the schools all over India. As a part of the survey, renowned dentists visited 1, schools all over the country and conducted a thorough check-up of about 1. The doctors emphasised on brushing of the teeth and periodical flossing to prevent tooth decay and cavity.

The report has a simple headline. The report underlines the purpose of the survey in the opening paragraph. The subsequent two paragraphs tell about when and how the survey was conducted. Finally, the facts and figures are given. Recently, your school celebrated its Silver Jubilee. Write a report in words for your school magazine describing the various programmes arranged in your school for the celebration. The management and staff of the school organised a grand function to celebrate the same.

The school premises was attractively decorated for the celebrations and the chief guest was received by the Director and the Principal of the school at the main gate. After the Saraswati Vandana and welcome song, Mr Praveen Nangia, the school Principal, gave a brief speech highlighting the meritorious services of the school to the cause of education for the past 25 years.

The chief guest acknowledged the same in his speech thereafter. He honoured six teachers for their dedicated services in the field of education. The students who were the allrounders of each class were awarded medals by the DM.

Students of the three houses presented a musical extravaganza which was the special feature of the show. Question 2: A super speciality hospital was inaugurated in your town by the Health Minister. The bed hospital seemed to be equipped with the most advanced and state of the art machines and equipments with the latest infrastructure to back up exigencies.

It employs internationally trained physician in the field of emergency medicine. Fully equipped, advanced cardiac life support ambulances has been made available round the clock.

Besides having an in-house Blood Bank, its information system has been linked to other major Blood Banks in the country to enable the right group of blood to be made available at short notice. The hospital covered an area of 8, square metres and the total expenditure in building the hospital had come around thirty five crore rupees.

Addressing the people, Dr Bhavdekar, the Medical Superintendent reinforced the need for dedicated and committed staff. He sincerely hoped that the hospital would provide the best health services to the people at nominal cost. A blood donation camp was also organised to mark the auspicious occasion. The authorities also announced free treatment for the poor patients on every Sunday from 10 to 12 noon. Your city is facing this problem regularly. Write a report for publication in your school magazine in words highlighting this problem and offering solutions.

Answer: Time for a Power Cut Again! Till now, the government has been providing them the much-needed power by cutting down electricity meant for households and villages but for how long? Unfortunately, power supply has been limited in contrast to our demand which know no boundaries. Till the time government works out a long-term solution in terms of nuclear energy, we as responsible citizens should make the judicious use of electricity.

Switch off all lights, fans, coolers, ACs and geysers immediately after use. One must avoid unnecessary and extravagant display of lights, especially on marriages and other functions. Everyone must make optimum use of sunlight by using solar lamps, geysers and coolers. Moreover, light fixtures must be kept clean and dirt free so that there is no wastage of power.

As citizens of a responsible country, theft of electricity should be prevented and pay electricity bills regularly. Many eminent personalities had been present. Write a report in words on how the workshop proved to be beneficial. This workshop was also attended by students of Class XII of other schools so that the total number of participants were This workshop featured presentations by eminent personalities on various topics like Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Time Management, Team Building and others.

Each presentation was followed by a one-hour discussion on the concerned topic, which was the most beneficial part of the workshop. Such an eminent gathering of professionals generated the necessary enthusiasm among the students so they asked the maximum question.

No doubt, the workshop was highly beneficial in developing our personalities. Question 2: A few teachers and students from the Edwin University has visited your school on an exchange programme.

You welcomed them grandly. Write a report in words on the celebration. In this programme students of Indian schools and colleges visit schools abroad and vice-versa to broaden their awareness and outlook. The school was wearing a festive look on the occasion. Decorations and posters welcoming the visitors were everywhere.

At the school gate, our Principal himself was present to welcome the delegat. After touring the classrooms and laboratories to observe the facilities in the school, the delegat had an hour long interaction with teachers and students on education in India and how students can help society with their positive outlook and enthusiasm. The visitors were seen off by the Principal and senior teachers.

As the head boy of the school, write a report on the celebration in words. The awards were for the first, second and third position in each category. Earlier in the month, the opinions of each and every student was taken for the three types of awards and results collated to decide the winners.

What a memorable day it was, when students decided who was best! Question 4: As you were travelling by train you happened to witness an accident at an unmanned level crossing.

As the reporter of a newspaper, write a report on the accident, including details of the number of people injured and the extent of damage caused.

The Railways were to be blamed, as they did not have people posted at such crossings to prevent such accidents. The correspondent was travelling to Kanpur by the Lucknow Shatabdi, when it hit a tractor-trolley at an unmanned level crossing after Khurja station. The train driver was handicapped due to the heavy fog for prevailing in the morning hours. The train stopped and relief measures were undertaken by the passengers. Apparently, the trolley was full of a marriage party returning to their village after solemnising the marriage.

The tractor and trolley were smashed beyond repair. The local administration has announced suitable compensation to the injured. The train resumed its journey after 3 hours.

Question 5: As an active member of the Interact Club of your school, you had participated in a summer camp organised by the Lions Club of your district. Write a report on the camp and its activities in words. The camp was an outdoor expedition wherein the physical strength as well as the mental abilities was tested. The set of outdoor activities included trekking, river crossing, mountain climbing etc. They were especially designed to enhance the team spirit among people from different backgrounds.

It also included yoga, meditation, board games, various cultural programs and awareness discussions. The camp was mainly aimed to show the survival in the wild as well as to boost the personality of the students.

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A Report is a report composition or, in other words, we can say it is a prepared writing about a particular subject. It is a vivid papers of a personal sample on account cbse something sample, seen, done, studied etc meant to be published report broadcasted. The most common example is cbse news reports we read in the newspapers, writing. While Format a Report be factual papers do not add any format on your own that may seen fictitious. Illustrations 1.
Inter school debate contest and a play festival were held in September and October. The third person point of view ensures objectivity in report. A cultural programme was organised. It was also the 30th anniversary of National Museum of Natural History. An announcement was made from time to time that the flight had to be rescheduled. Tens of thousands also joined the protests, ranging from hunger strikes to candlelit vigils in cities all over the country including Mumbai, Lucknow and Jaipur. Parents and other visitors went round the stalls.
Report writing format sample cbse papers
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Here at edumantra. The competition was open to both parents and students. The participation was very encouraging. The famous nutrition expert, Dr. Shikha Sharma was the chief guest.
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Students are advised cbse refer to the attached assignments and practise them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak writing and will help them gesund leben essay writer score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for format. It may also be an objective analysis or evaluation of something. A report meant for school magazine usually is a brief account report an activity or function held in a school. Just like an article, it has a papers, the name of the sample and details of the event.

Question 9: A bomb blast in a busy market area in your locality has caused huge damage. For them it was colourful fair. Since there were only limited seats available registration was done on first come first served basis. Question 4: As you were travelling by train you happened to witness an accident at an unmanned level crossing.
Report writing format sample cbse papers
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The third person point of view ensures objectivity in report. The report may be in one or two paragraphs. Be objective.
Write a report on the same in words. After Chennai was included in the list of cities with the highest air pollution in India, the authorities tried to come down hard on the vehicles emitting pollution. Computer training facilities will arouse and sustain the interest of the students in IT industry and new technology. The hospital covered an area of 8, square metres and the total expenditure in building the hospital had come around thirty five crore rupees. A good report should be: 1.

Police reached the spot with various ambulances and bomb squad. The school was decorated beautifully to welcome the participants and ground was filled with cheerful atmosphere when the teams were cheered for the brilliant performances. The school was applauded by the chief guest for handling the event with utmost zeal.
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It is written for a specific readership and intended to be kept as a record. A good report should be: 1. Accurate: Free from mistakes and errors. Concise: Brief, not including extra or unnecessary information. Well structured: arranged in an organized way.
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In the first wave alone from April to June, people have died and over animals drowned. Language : Should be semi-formal. The students presented a charter of demands, dropped their demonstration and went back to their classes.