Writing a self assessment essay for english

  • 13.06.2019

When I look back and compare my essay "Paradise" with my essay "Gangsters and Thugs" it seems as if two completely different persons wrote them. While working on "Gangsters and Thugs" I started to begin to explore with the citing technique and I actually found out that I could be very useful.

Citing sources has become such an important factor in all of my essays after the Mid-Term portfolio that I can even remember how was it possible that I wrote a whole paper without challenging or agreeing with someone else's idea. The essay right after the Midterm portfolio included quotes, and the goes to show that I was willing to try this new technique immediately, and I worked pretty well. When I compare essay 2 to 3, I feel as if different people wrote the essays.

Then after I began to use quotes I began to play with it a little bit and see how I could challenge what someone else was saying like in essay 4. This essay was on the whole concept of branding and the effects that it has on society today.

This quote was about The Economist newspaper and their opinion on consumers being hard to reach with advertising. They are busier; more distracted and have more media to choose from". One can see the truth in this statement considering all the ads, billboards, commercials and even internet Pop-Ups.

For example, simply saying you think your peer's paper is "good" isn't constructive feedback. Effective group participation occurs when you can provide a variety of comments for your peers. Consider the positive aspects of your peer's paper and offer a few ideas for improvement.

What you give to your peers in a workshop you'll get back from them. It could also be presented as a mini essay as described above. It may be helpful to provide prompts that will help students reflect. Prompts can be primarily geared to your course content, in other words focusing on your subject knowledge and what you hoped students would gain from the assignment, with writing specific questions coming in as secondary.

Or the writing specific questions can take center stage. Following are some examples of questions often asked in self-assessment prompts: How do you perceive yourself as a writer? Is writing important to you?

Do you think it will be in the future? What evidence do you have for your answers? How did you feel about this assignment before you started it? Did you think you would enjoy it? Did you think it would be hard, or easy? How did you feel about it when you were finished? How did this place shape my life? Answer the Questions You Selected Read your questions, then answer them. This doesn't have to be in formal essay form or in perfect sentences. You just want to get as many ideas down as possible.

Example What did I notice? Couples walked hand in hand. Parents played in the sand with their children. I saw the holes in the sand where I knew sand crabs were scrambling to hide. I noticed the cool wind on my face and the homes right up against the sand. I'm usually too busy helping her or spending time with relatives. This trip, however, a friend of mine named Rhonda, who is also a caregiver to her mother, told me to go to visit the beach for her.

As a native Texan, Rhonda has only gotten to visit the beaches in California a few times. So today, I w ent to the beach for Rhonda. I smelled the beach air and walked along all by myself and took an hour to not think about responsibilities to others. Then I wrote "For Rhonda" in the sand and took a picture of it.

When I went through the struggles of growing up, I remember feeling soothed by the waves. They always seemed to keep on going. That reminded me to not give up. To know that there is always something to look forward to ahead. To remember that laughter and tears are both a part of everyone's life. To me, the waves reminded me to have faith in a God who is in control of everything and has a bigger purpose for me than I can imagine.

Identify the Meaning of Your Experience Before you can begin writing your essay, you need to decide what is the most important thing you learned from this experience. That "most important thing" will be the thesis of your paper. Example: "What I learned from this trip to the beach is that I need to remember that in the midst of being a caregiver to my mother, my husband, my five kids, my students and my friends, that I also need to care for myself and create a space for myself where I can rest and renew.

The following is an excerpt of my sample reflective essay. To read the essay in full, click on the link above. Even so, I sometimes forget to go there when I visit my mom. I am success-oriented person. Such personal position urges me to do my best and to work hard to gain the possibly highest degree but, on the other hand, it is sometimes difficult and even frustrating to pursue the highest degree, especially if it is extremely difficult to receive.

For example, there were cases, when I felt the task was quite challenging for me to complete it successfully.

That's heaven. That's gold and anything else is just a waste of time. This process can benefit faculty by saving them time since self-assessments are not gradedand it can benefit students as well.
Carrying this argument in literary works, the self as portrayed in narratives is not only dependent on the narrator but all the characters and the setting of the story. The Analytical Writing Analysis aims at judging your analytical skills which you present through your writing. My first and second essays were improperly punctuated, had a weak body structure, and fused sentences. Introductory Paragraph Your first paragraph should be an introduction in which you identify the subject and give the reader a general overview of the impression it made on you. To read the essay in full, click on the link above. How did this experience relate to my understanding of theology, God or religion? Was this a good or a bad thing for me? I can honestly say English has really inspired me to be a better writer. Self-evaluation has helped me to identify what I need to be successful in my profession and future goals.
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What Is a Reflective Essay?

It makes use of quantitative methods e. A good assessment practice is a key feature in order to achieve an effective teaching and learning practice. I also have gained the knowledge that correcting each draft brings my paper one step closer to constructing a well-organized and perfect.
Writing a self assessment essay for english
Or the mini essay could be a letter or memo to the instructor about the writing process, for example, introducing the document and describing how they wrote it, what problems they solved, and how well they achieved their purpose or targeted their audience. I was skeptical at first coming into this class knowing that English takes formidable work and dedication, but I am very proud of the progress I have made. These skills are an important concept to all teachers as they are used on a daily basis, sometimes even subconsciously.

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So, thinking about Rhonda, I had decided I needed to take my own trip to the beach. However, many teachers have realized that this is not the best way for students to show evidence of their learning Example: "I went to walk along the beach today and just enjoyed the sand, water, and wind. Writing about what you are learning can also help you share and interact with other students, as well as the instructor.
My students have a hard time looking at their assessments and seeing growth To effectively teach, I need to recognize what the students understand. Responding to Self-Assessment None of this has to be graded. So, this is essentially your section-1 of GRE exam which has a duration of 1 hour.

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Did you think you would enjoy it? That's gold and anything else is just a waste of time. Pdf format personal essays. Thus, the selection of proper assessments for English language learners is a fundamental part of effective instructions. To me, this quote reflects a big part of the meaning of assessment.
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The day before I was supposed to leave, I still hadn't visited the beach.


Aside from school assignments, reflective essays are used in the professional sphere to help workers learn. Mini essays can be written based on journal or log entries, then used in peer groups to promote discussion about how the writing and drafting process works for different people. Self-evaluation is not easy as it takes a measure of courage to look deep within ourselves unsure of exactly what we may find.


Assessment is the process involving measuring the learning and performance of students or teachers. I have learned some new techniques that have improved my ways of approaching an essay. Many argue that the self is created and nurtured by the society and cultures we interact with and is therefore capable of change and adjustments.


What questions did this experience make me have? I saw the sun covered by a cloud which reflected the light so that rays spread out in all directions. One biggest area that needs improvement is the fluency in my signing, especially concerning English mouthing. How has this changed me?


My first and second essays were improperly punctuated, had a weak body structure, and fused sentences. How can this help me in my career? When I look back and compare my essay "Paradise" with my essay "Gangsters and Thugs" it seems as if two completely different persons wrote them. Self-evaluation has helped me to identify what I need to be successful in my profession and future goals. Evaluate your preparation for class. Just get as much down as you can.


How has this changed me? Both of these concepts will prove helpful to my action research.


Like me, Rhonda cares for her mother, but she does it every day, all year long. There was no need for me to bring another persons opinion when I am talking about my life.


Through self-assessment, students improve editing, writing, and critical thinking skills. A simple "I've been there, and I understand," or "Glad that technique worked for you!